Fun Camping Activities – Top Ideas To Include

The purpose of going on a camping trip is to enjoy and have fun. Though camping does teach you life skills as well, eventually it is the thrill of adventure and enjoyment that pulls you into the activity.  Whether you are a couple of people or a big group, you can enjoy in many different ways.

Whenever I go camping, I carry a list of activities that I intend to do during the trip, although ideas for fun camping activities for one trip might not be the same for another. But then, it is always the thrill and excitement associated with new and innovative ideas that makes my camping experience an enjoyable one.

Let us now get down to some top ideas for fun camping activities:

Play cards

This is my all-time favorite. I have been playing cards since I was twelve. Just for fun of course 😉 There are a variety of traditional card games that can be played. You can find some interesting card games here. Oh and how can you forget Uno!

I am a bit partial towards playing cards, but still I guess you can say this is one of the hottest activity ideas, especially when you are in a group. Playing cards can never be boring for a majority of people. Moreover, in the stillness of nature, it is a completely different experience.

Due to visibility issues, I prefer playing cards inside the tent, where there is sufficient light.

ideas for camping activities

Sing campfire songs

The very essence of a camping trip is to have fun and take a break from a hectic lifestyle.

One of the best ways to enjoy a campfire night is to sit around one and have singing sessions. You don’t have to be a Madonna or Enrique to sing. The main idea is just to have some fun. Just get in there and sing!

If you have a guitar and can play it well, even better!

fly fishing fun camping activity

Go Fishing

If you are lucky enough to camp near a river or a lake, you must definitely go fishing. Whether you treat it as a sport or as a a necessity for food, that’s your call. But the satisfaction in catching a fish, whether big or small, is priceless!

In order to fish well, you need the right equipment, which will mainly be a fishing rod and some bait. Before you set out though, you must read some guides which will teach you the basics of fishing, if you haven’t fished before. Here is a great site where you can learn the basics of fishing


Set Up A Barbecue

Barbecue nights. I just love them. I have a barbecue set-up which I carry along when I’m going camping with my family or a large group of friends. While roasting meat on a barbecue set-up is more convenient and safer, you can also roast directly on a small, temporary fire if you don’t have a barbecue grill.

Apart from the meat and fish, another thing that you can roast is marshmallows. Originally soft and spongy throughout, when roasted, they turn soft and gooey inside and are great to taste.

Read a Novel

This is for those who are camping solo or as a couple, and are fond of reading books. You won’t find a more perfect setting to read that best-seller you’ve always wanted to read. Just get inside your tent, make some coffee, curl up and enjoy your book.

I myself am a voracious reader and always carry a book while camping. I prefer a non-fiction book to read since I find it tough to read it at home amidst the various distractions. The stillness of the wilderness makes it easier to focus on serious topics.

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Go hiking

Of course, if you have come for a camping trip, chances are that you will go for a hiking trip also. It is a great experience to go for a hike in the wilderness. The flora and fauna that you experience during your hike is unmatchable.

You must be well equipped with all the hiking gear before you start out on a trail though.

Play some sport

Do you have open spaces around the area where you have pitched tent? In such a case, you can play some ball sports like throwball, dodgeball or soccer. As far as soccer is concerned, you don’t need a full field. You can just setup goal posts with stones and play in a smaller area, somewhat like street soccer. Playing sport is a good way to pass time, while feeling fit.


Bird Watching

Bird watching is a hobby that anyone can take up. You do not have to be an expert to watch birds.

Once you know the different species of birds that visit a particular area, you can keep your binoculars handy in case you spot an exotic species. Also, keep your camera handy in case you get a chance to click a photo of that bird.

Even if you do not know the names of the species or cannot identify them, no worries. The birds in the wilderness will not be found in cities. So just put on your binoculars and observe the birds!

Adventure Sports

If you have the guts for glory, you can choose to indulge in adventure sports like kayaking, white water rafting, rock climbing etc. You can set your adrenalin pumping! But then of course, you need to have appropriate gear and safety equipment for these sports AND more importantly there needs to be an arrangement for these sports in the vicinity.

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Chat and Gossip

Yes, indeed! One of the really enjoyable things to do is sit around the campfire and chat with your group members.

If you are a young group, you can indulge in games like truth n dare or share horror stories. Elder people can talk about various issues or gossip about anything under the sun. Believe me; having a chit-chat session at night is real fun which cannot be missed!

Though a lot of preparation is required for camping, in the end it is a recreational activity. So, it must be taken overall as a fun adventure. However, some people miss out on the fun aspect and focus more on what is right; whether all equipments are carried, whether the camp-site is perfect or whether the days will be spent productively. Those are important things to consider, yes, but not at the expense of having fun.

Anyhoo, if you guys have some more ideas for fun camping activities, please do give in your suggestions in the comments section below!


2 thoughts on “Fun Camping Activities – Top Ideas To Include

  1. Anders

    Good post. This is how I got started when I was a kid. If you start when you are young it got to be fun or you never go camping again when you grow up.


    1. Nalin S Post author

      Very true Anders. You got to enjoy camping in the right spirit, whether you’re an adult or a kid!

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