Best Camping Hammock With Mosquito Net

Not everyone prefers sleeping in a tent while camping. Some people are more comfortable sleeping or curling up in their hammock. A hammock is also a more feasible option when you’re camping solo. It can easily be folded up and slid into the backpack.

While one of the reasons of sleeping in a hammock is the open air experience, it can become quite a problem if the area is infested with mosquitoes or bugs. In such a case, you need a mosquito or bug netting for the hammock. Even better is a hammock with mosquito net attached.

In this post, I will be reviewing the best camping hammock with mosquito net in my opinion. After considering all the features, pros and cons and comparing with other camping hammocks with a bug mesh, I have decided to review the Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter Pro. I hope this review helps answer most of the questions that might pop up if you are considering buying this tent.

Why I chose the Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter Pro as the Best Hammock With a Mosquito Net

hammock with bug net
Grand Trunk is easily one of the best hammock brands in the world. They have a huge variety of hammocks to choose from and some of their products are constant best-sellers.
The Skeeter Beeter Pro is a top class mosquito proof hammock made of exceptional quality parachute nylon, which actually feels like silk. So it is quite comfortable to sleep on. With dimensions of 11’6″ X 5′ and a carrying capacity of 400 lbs, it can comfortably accommodate a full grown adult or two small kids. It also has 2 pockets in its interior which can be used to store small items like sunglasses, water bottle etc.
Coming to the mosquito mesh, it is unarguably one of a kind. It is made up of triple reinforced no-see-um stitching which leaves no scope for any bugs or mosquitoes to pass through the netting. It has two hooks at the top through which two bungee cords are passed which keeps the netting taut and prevents it from falling over your face.
All this and much more at a very modest price made me select the Skeeter Beeter Pro as the best camping hammock with mosquito net.

How durable is the Skeeter Beeter Pro?

Parachute nylon is a very strong material that can withstand high levels of stress without tearing. Due to this feature and a spacious build, the Skeeter Beeter Pro hammock can easily withstand a weight of 400 lbs.
When you consider durability, I must also include a few lines on the durability of the accessories that come with the hammock. It comes with strong carabiners and ropes strong enough to hold the hammock firmly with the support of trees.

How comfortable is the Grand trunk Skeeter Beeter Pro hammock?

Very comfortable. It is spacious and can accommodate a full-grown, well fed adult with ease. If you have concerns that you will sink in if you have a lighter frame, you need not worry. Since the hammock is so spacious, you can afford to sleep diagonally in it which is the most preferred and a very comfortable way of sleeping. You can thus also sleep sideways if you’re sleeping diagonally.
The hammock material feels like silk, adding to the comfort. And then with the mosquito net on top, it gives you the protection you need from mosquitoes and bugs. Read a book or listen to some music in full comfort.

hammock mosquito mesh

What material is the mosquito net made of?

The mosquito net is made of triple-stitched reinforced No-See-Um mesh. It offers foolproof protection against not only mosquitoes but also any other bugs that might be present in the area. The triple stitching makes it impossible for any bugs to break through the barrier created by the mesh and you can thus enjoy an uninterrupted sleep under the protection of the netting.

Can the mosquito netting be detached?

camping hammock mosquito protection
There might be times when you do not have a lot of mosquitoes and bugs, especially in winter or you might be camping in a an area where there aren’t any mosquitoes. At such times, you might want to lay inside the hammock without the bug mesh over you.
Since the mosquito net is stitched on one side of the hammock with a double sided zipper on the other, it cannot be separated from the hammock. To lie down inside the hammock without the bug netting on top, you can flip it over which will cause the netting to go on the other side.

Does the bug net fall on the face?

The mosquito net is held well above the hammock in a taut position with the help of bungee cords running through two soft hooks on top of the mesh. The bungee cords can be tied round a tree thus giving a tight form to the net and holding it parallel to the ground. So when you lie down, the net is well above your face.
A net suspension kit included with the hammock takes care of all the set-up.

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