Do You Really Need A Camping Knife?

With the social fabric of the society going for a toss with incidents of violence rising, laws have become stricter against possession and use of guns and other weapons. However, the use of knives falls under a grey area. While possession and use of knives in public places can be dicey, it is alright to carry a knife if you are going camping. In such a case, it is more of a tool than a weapon. I personally prefer carrying a multi tool knife while camping, as it comes handy in a number of ways.

camping knife

Why Need A Camping Knife?

Camping today might have become high-tech, but a lot of activities that you can do while camping remain the same. And many of these activities require the use of a knife. Say for example you want to trim the size of the wood for the campfire. Or you are going fishing and need to remove the scales off the fish. Then once the fish is cooked, you need a knife to cut it into pieces. Or for that matter, any meat that you might roast. A knife can also come handy while opening packages.

Knife As A Survival Gear

Sure knives can come handy for performing some mundane tasks that I mentioned above, but one of the most common reasons why a majority of campers and backpackers carry a knife is for survival purposes. Hence, knives come under the category of survival gear. If you are not camping in a public campground and are setting up tent in the wilderness, a knife is a must for self defence. On rare occasions, in case an animal attacks or becomes hostile, you always have your knife for protection. Usually, animals keep at a distance in frequented camping areas. But then it is better to be safe and carry some form of self-defence equipment.

It also comes handy when you are hiking and need to clear your way while walking through the bushes and twigs.
I carry a rope when I go hiking or camping. Though not an essential it always comes in handy in emergency conditions. A sharpened camping knife will supplement the rope in case you need to shorten it for your convenience.

Even a multitool knife can be very handy while camping. With all its various tools, it can be a very good companion while camping since almost any task can be completed with the help of its various tools.

camping knife

Precautions You Must Take When You Carry A Knife

• In case you are camping with kids, keep it STRICTLY out of their reach. Everyone is in a fun mood while camping, and you may not always keep an eye on your kids. If you are carrying a small multi use pocket knife, keep it with you always. In case of a survival knife , make sure you keep it in a place where your kids do not have access to it.
• If you are camping in a public campground or RV camping, you need to be even more cautious while handling and using your knife. Not only can it alarm the other campers, but it can also get you in trouble. In any case, it is better to carry a multi tool pocket knife than a larger survival knife.
Frankly speaking, the need for a knife depends upon the type of camping trip you plan to take. If you are camping with the family mainly for fun purposes, a simple multi tool pocket knife would be enough. Or in some cases not even that, like you are camping in your backyard or you are RV camping. However in case you are a passionate backpacker interested in exploring the extreme wilderness, a survival knife would be your best bet.
So, what do you think? Do you need a knife when you go camping? Or you can do without it? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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