Is solo camping a good idea?

The other day I was having a conversation with a friend. I usually go on camping and hiking trips with him. A few days back he was to go camping with someone he had known for a really long time. Unfortunately that friend could not come and my friend decided to return back home. This incident got me thinking… could he have gone solo camping? Would it be an exciting adventure or a boring one? What would be the requirements of such a trip?

solo camping

People Do Go Solo Camping

People are known to camp alone sometimes. Either it could be due to lack of company, friends or family puling out in the last minute like in the case of my buddy or simply just for the novelty factor. As someone who has gone solo camping herself Sally mentions quite a few reasons why one should go solo camping in her blog. It can surely be a break away from a routine camping trip. When you are completely responsible for yourself. Those who go camping alone also have to make some special arrangements especially for the trip.

Solo Camping As a Means To Rediscover Self

I personally believe taking a solo camping trip will not only help you relax but also help focus better. When you are all by yourself outdoors, you have to look after yourself. You are fully responsible for yourself. From choosing a site to set up tent, arranging for food, building a campfire to watching out for yourself. In short you are not dependent on anyone.

Camping solo also means you go for hikes or engage in activities like reading books alone without any disturbance. Sure you may be around other camping groups, but other than a random hi! or a couple of minutes chat, you’re most likely to be all by yourself.

It is a great way to relax yourself and unwind after a hectic week and especially if you live in a crowded city and are always surrounded by people. A great way to bond with your inner self. And after a quiet walk in the outdoors, when you pitch your tent and retire for the day, you can immerse yourself in tranquillity. Just imagine! With the clear sky and the twinkling stars above you. Serene…

camping solo

How To Prepare For Camping Solo

As we have seen above, camping alone can be a great idea. But as Uncle Ben told Peter Parker, “With great power, comes great responsibility”   you need to take a few precautions and make special arrangements while camping alone. Here I will be listing down some of them for your reference:

  • Before you embark on the trip, do inform your loved ones, be it friends or family about the place or the campground where you will be setting up camp. Since you are alone, you need to let them know all details about the place. In fact even if you are in a group, I always recommend informing someone beforehand about the location and your plan.
  •  Make sure you know how to carry out the basic tasks related to camping outdoors. Tasks like setting up a tent, preparing food if you’re not carrying ready-to-eat food, building a campfire, hunting or fly fishing for food if that’s on your agenda. You will be doing all of this by yourself!
  • Stay protected. You will be alone. Most probably in a remote site where there can be a danger of wild animals as well. Carry a knife with you. Though the main purpose of the knife can be anything from using it for cutting wood to cutting a rope, it will also coming handy for self protection. A survival knife, not a multi tool knife, mind you. Alternatively you can choose to bring your dog along with you. It is a sure shot way to ward off creeps especially for female solo campers. If you have the license, you can bring along a gun as well. But it is best avoided, IMO.
  • For starters, stick to an established, family-friendly campground where you have other families and groups as well. Start small. If camping alone suits you, you can slowly move on to more challenging sites.

In essence, camping solo is an entirely different experience. The thrills and challenges that you face are completely different. One thought though, if you are a beginner camper, it is better you go for camping in a group.


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