Nebo WeatherRite 5959 Eco Lantern Review

When going out for a camping trip, it is very important that you have the best LED lantern for illumination. A good quality lantern can not only provide you with excellent illumination in the night, but it can also save you from spending again and again on new lanterns.

I wanted to buy a right lantern for myself and so I bought the Nebo WeatherRite Eco 5959 Lantern

Why I chose the Nebo 5959 Eco Lantern

I have been camping for four years now. I had been using my previous lamp for two years.I really needed a change. A lantern that was rechargeable and that which was sturdy as well. I went to Amazon and checked out the product. Read some reviews. Was happy with the price. And so I ordered Nebo 5959 Eco Lantern.

Satisfied by it, I have decided to write a review on my experiences with it. In this review, I will be telling you about how well it works, its durability, some minor drawbacks and where to get the best deal from. By the end of this review, you can have an idea whether the Nebo Eco Lantern is the right lantern for you.

What’s special about the Nebo WeatherRite 5959 Eco lantern?

The Nebo 5959 Eco LED lantern is a portable and reliable lantern. It comes equipped with 24 bright LEDs that ensure a continuous and energy-saving illumination.

It consists of a rechargeable battery that can be charged in four different ways – AC power, DC power, solar power and  wind up. So basically it is supposed to be an energy-saving and Eco-friendly lantern. No wonder Eco is included in its name.

How well does the Nebo 5959 lamp work?

Okay, so much for the science behind it. But how well does it work, that must be the question in your mind. Well, read on.

I can say it is one of the brightest lamps I have ever come across. With 24 LED lamps, well you can’t expect less. The light emitted is white light; that which you would expect out of LED lamps. But nonetheless, it is very bright. And then you don’t have the problem of it getting heated up. When you are in your tent, you do not want any sort of extra heating.

nebo weatherite 5959 eco lantern

The best part I like about this lantern is the charging options that it offers. I am more of a backpacker. While camping, I do not have access to any AC or DC charging facility. This is when its solar charging option comes handy, though it can be a bit slow in charging.. And even if it is cloudy, the wind up charging is always there for the backup.

Some drawbacks of the Nebo eco lantern

One thing that I would have liked in this product would be a replaceable battery instead of a built-in battery. So you must always carry a pair of LED flashlights just in case the battery stops working.  Another thing is that it should have had an option of dimming the light. Not always do you require very bright light, like going for the bathroom. Also if someone approaches from the front, the light is too bright for you to see who it is.

Pros and Cons

Now let me sum up the pros and cons:


  • It has 24 LEDs which give a very bright light which is ideal for camping
  • 4 different ways of recharging the battery means that you can be assured of its lighting 24/7
  • Energy saving and Eco friendly lantern
  • Light-weight and easy to carry
  • The white light of the LEDs ensures that no extra heat is emitted out of its lighting


  • The light can be a bit too bright sometimes (This can be a pro or a con depending upon your light requirement. I am more comfortable with moderate light)
  • Consists of a built-in battery instead of a replaceable one. If somehow it becomes faulty, you will have to replace the lantern.

Specifications of the Nebo LED lantern

Some of its product specifications include:

  • 24 Super Ultra Bright Energy Efficient White LEDs
  • Powered by Solar or Wind Up Energy
  • Has LED Indicator Light Changes from Red to Green Fully Charged
  • AC Wall charger and DC 12-Volt Car Charger
  • 4 Methods of Charging, Solar Power, AC Power, DC and Wind Up

Where to buy it from

Having read positive reviews of this lantern on Amazon, and finding a very reasonable price compared to other stores, I decided to purchase it from Amazon. The delivery was free. And the packing was even better. I received the lamp intact and in great packing, in time. After receiving it, I went on and opened it. The contents were as described in the product description and the product photo.That’s Amazon for you!

To sum it up, this lantern is ideal not only for backpackers who do not have access to any other form of charging but also for other campers who can take advantage of its bright light at night. It is easy to carry and hence causes no problems to the backpacker. I recommend that you carry a set of LED flashlights along with the Nebo Eco lantern as this can complement it when you don’t want to carry the lantern around.

Check out the Nebo Eco 5959 Lantern!

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