What is Camping?

In this very first post of mine, let me get to the basics of what is camping.

Camping is an outdoor recreational activity that is carried out away from the city. Camps are generally held in the wilderness. The people going for a camp (campers) leave their homes in the towns and cities to enjoy nature. It involves selection of a campsite where tents are set up. During the day, campers enjoy different activities like fishing, hiking, adventure sports like rappelling, rock climbing and bungee jumping, swimming and many more. Nowadays, there are private camping grounds where you can go and arrange a camp. These camping grounds have all the facilities for recreation.


Camping as an activity was started in the 20th century. It has also been a compulsory outing for scouts since a long period of time. These camps are held to instil self-reliance and teamwork among the scouts. In 1932,The International Federation of Camping Clubs (Federation Internationale de Camping et de Caravanning) was founded. Many major national clubs from all over the world got affiliated with it. By the 1960s, camping as a recreational activity had spread to much of Europe and North America.

Camping on the Go


Backpacking is a type of camping, known as mobile camping. Throughout the world, backpackers visit different destinations. They set up camp wherever they feel comfortable and in places where enough supplies are available. It is a very interesting concept. There are many backpackers’ clubs all around the world. If you are interested in backpacking, and if you are just starting out, it is better to join a club first. Backpacking is a very good option for those who like challenges, because you will be walking on different terrain, and might have to face tough challenges on the way.

Canoe Camping

Canoe Camping is quite similar to backpacking. The only difference perhaps is that instead of foot, the participants travel in a canoe. As a result, much more equipment and baggage can be carried. However, the disadvantage is that the equipment needed is quite expensive. Also, you can travel by a canoe or a kayak, only if there are rivers or lakes on the way. This type of camping activitiy is more popular in North America.

Bicycle/Motorcycle camping

This is another type method in which the campers travel on motorbikes or bicycles. Again here, the storage capacity being less, campers carry limited baggage, comparable to that in backpacking. There are some camp sites along nature trails that can only be accessed by mountain biking. Since these campers travel without any cover, they need to have proper equipment and protection against harsh weathers and the rains.

Car Camping

Probably the most popular of the camping types, participants in this category travel by car to the campsite. They can carry a lot of equipments. This method is more suitable if you are going in a group or family. Traveling to camping destinations far away from home is much more convenient in car camping.


The location where the camp is set up is known as a campsite. There are natural campsites out into the open, or there are man-made commercial campgrounds. Natural campsites are for the more adventurous lot, as all the arrangement as regards, fires, barbeque, lavatory have to be managed by the campers. Commercial campgrounds have amenities like fire rings, barbeque grills, laundry, shared bathrooms and utilities. The shelter for the night can either be a tent or vehicles like cars or trailers. If you are in the wilderness, you only have the option of setting up a tent. However, if you are in a commercial campground, you can choose between a tent or a vehicular shelter like a car or a trailer.

If you ask me, I prefer camping out in the open, amidst nature. Though various facilities are available these days, for me the thrill lies in the various challenges that we have to face during camping. 7AWPN5MXG4JZ


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